Circular Solutions is the solution to the global problem of organic waste.


Every day, large quantities of organic material are generated, which is mixed with other waste forming tons of waste that is taken to landfills.

During this process, polluting vectors, leaching and both social and environmental impacts are created and, above all, high management, transport, and disposal costs.

Expensive Logistics

Large volumes of wet waste.

Rapid Deterioration

Frequent removal and special trucks are required.

Environmental impact

Final disposition in a specific and authorized place.


Reduce the Volume

Reducing the volume of waste to be treated means less transportation and disposal costs.

Reduce Vectors

The generation of contaminating vectors is considerably reduced.

Autonomous system

The equipment practically works by itself, easy to operate and does not require much space for performance.

Integrated system

With our drying technology, we transform your waste into a free microorganisms and stable product. Which can be stored for months without generating vectors or odors. The new raw material has more than 90% dry matter.

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